The ACT for Bad Test Takers A revolutionary approach to tackling the ACT exam

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Some students think that they are ‘bad at taking tests,’ but they just haven’t been shown how to approach the ACT strategically. That’s why we’ve designed strategy guides, practice books, and video courses to help students become more successful test takers.

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We offer a variety of solutions for every kind of test taker. From an award-winning ACT strategy guide and a highly effective ACT video crash course to personalized online tutoring sessions with world-class ACT tutors, we have what you need to reach your target score.
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Named Among the Top 10 ACT Books

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“Standardized tests are not my strong suit. But this strategy changed everything for me. It helped me get into my first-choice school. Give the strategy a chance, and it will do the same for you!”

             –Margaret M.

“I have no idea where I would be without this strategy. It got me into college. I went from a 16 to a 23. If you put in time and diligence, it will definitely work for you!”

             –Marc G.

Discover our unique approach to conquering the ACT

See what makes our approach revolutionary. Access the first two videos of our ACT prep course to learn the strategy that makes our students so successful!

“The Bad Test Takers approach is a huge eye-opener. I’ve never seen anything like it. I would definitely recommend this strategy to anyone who wants to do well on the ACT.”

             –Ishaan V.

“My score jumped from a 29 to a 33 thanks to these strategies. I recommend it to all juniors and sophomores who are planning to take the ACT.”

             –Sadie C.