“I would recommend the ACT Strategy course to anyone. It works.” Jennifer S.
“All I did was follow the system. The rest was easy.” Mike W.
“I didn’t even know how to practice for the ACT. Now I do.” Michelle Z.
“I am so happy my daughters found this course. Now, they’re ready.” Barbara C.

Are You a Bad Test Taker?

If you consider yourself a bad test taker, then you've come to the right place.

Over 1.5 million students will take the ACT this year, but many of them will, regrettably, fail to earn scores that reflect their true abilities. A growing number of students, it seems, explain their underperformance by branding themselves bad test takers. In reality, though, most students are simply not taught to tackle the ACT strategically.

We developed a new approach, The ACT for Bad Test Takers,specifically with these students in mind. It serves as a crash course in strategic thinking for students who are frustrated with their lackluster performance on the ACT. In it, we show students how to take advantage of the ACT’s structure and details a proven technique that students can follow to significantly boost their scores.

Using this simple yet revolutionary approach for tackling all four sections of the ACT, we teach our students to abandon certain bad test-taking habits and to start viewing the exam tactically. Master these effective strategies, and you'll be well on your way toward earning the ACT score you deserve!

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The ACT for Bad Test Takers

by Moshe Ohayon

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